工学院大学125周年総合教育棟 Kogakuin University

Completion : 2012
Main use: University
Location: Hachioji-city, Tokyo
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Size: 1 basement and 4 stories
Site area: 162103.06㎡
Building area: 3160.94㎡
Total floor area: 12048.09㎡

Photos:Masao NISHIKAWA




When I first started living on the island, the only surviving factory was still running, and at 8AM there would be this loud siren along with the music of radio exercise broadcasted even in empty apartment buildings; it felt very surreal. Ikeshima’s commercial mining began in 1959 and until it closed in 2001, this tiny island was home to many people for 49 years, nearly 8,000 residents in its heyday. Today, there are about 150 people. The factory, which I mentioned earlier, closed down at the end of 2014. Closed mines are located throughout Japan, but since Ikeshima is an isolated island, it is no exaggeration to say that the coal mine facilities and housing are remained untouched. On mainland, unused properties are usually demolished and turned into vacant lots. Ikeshima, on the other hand, the mine tunnel is still remaining and you can even get on the tram to tour the site.